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Boost your tire performance  

Tire performance for the new mobility

Mobility is changing around the world. Are you keeping up? You can quickly and affordably produce high-performance tires that meet the challenges of today’s evolving demands with Exxpro™ 3563 specialty elastomer – the world’s most advanced material for innerliners1.

Compared to the global average 80% halobutyl (HB)*/20% natural rubber (NR) innerliner blend, Exxpro 3563 delivers:

  • 12% improvement in in-use rolling resistance
  • 20-50% improvement in air retention

As mobility cultures evolve, tires that meet the next level of performance can gain a greater share of the market. Don’t be left behind. Tap into our test data and technical expertise, as well as initial formulations, to save time and money while developing next-generation tires that can boost your business. 

*HB acronym includes both bromobutyl and chlorobutyl

Key benefits

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    Increase tire life and performance

    Improved air retention impacts traction, cornering, braking and durability performance.

  • Meet more stringent OEM specs

    Increased air retention helps meet the new tire-related fuel efficiency and emissions standards being implemented by vehicle manufacturers.

  • Meet expanding efficiency regulations

    Better innerliner performance helps minimize CO2 emissions and boost fuel economy.

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    Improve in-use energy consumption (fuel or battery)

    Better tire innerliners help maximize fuel efficiency and battery range.

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    Well suited for today’s and tomorrow’s automotive trends

    Develop new tire designs that meet the increased demands created by electric and new energy vehicles (NEV) and evolving driving cultures.

  • Gain a competitive edge

    Lead the marketplace by meeting tomorrow’s needs today.

Advanced chemistry. Advanced performance

Inclusion of high p-methyl styrene concentrations leads to lower segmental mobility and lower free volume, resulting in significant permeability reduction compared to halobutyl rubbers.
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Compound consistency

Compared to halobutyl, Exxpro™ 3563 provides compound consistency advantages:

  • Ease of manufacturing: lower heat shrinkage, higher green strength and good tack
  • Greater production output: better filler dispersion
  • Better air retention: reduced segmental mobility and bulky hpMS
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Industries and applications

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1. Compared to halobutyl rubbers