Aerial view of LDPE tubular plant

Polymers production  

ExxonMobil polymer technologies are based on experience in developing products and processes for low density polyethylene (LDPE) since 1965. With that extensive experience base, ExxonMobil is committed to continued research and development improvement via testing at research centers in Baytown, Texas, and Machelen, Belgium. As one of the largest segments of the worldwide plastics market, demand for High Pressure LDPE continues to grow and ExxonMobil can help you take advantage of that trend.


  • Broad product portfolio, ranging from general purpose to specialty LDPE/EVA
  • Incorporation of ExxonMobil’s most current commercial technology into your processes
  • Focus on operating cost and reliability
  • Meet world-class environmental and safety standards
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Polymers technology licensing & services include:

  • LDPE autoclave

    ExxonMobil is an industry expert in high-pressure autoclave technology, with 11 autoclave lines capable of producing more than 500 kta. 

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  • LDPE tubular

    ExxonMobil's world-scale tubular reactors enable licensees to produce polyethylene at a low total cost comparable to commercial gas-phase reactors.

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  • LDPE products and applications

    ExxonMobil versatile LDPE technology enables licensees to produce an extensive gradeslate for packaging, agricultural, electrical cable and other applications.

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  • Licensing process

    Whether a customer is building a new plant or improving an existing facility, ExxonMobil is committed to providing priority support to its licensees throughout the design, construction, startup and operations phases of the project.

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