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‘Remote start-up support’ helps InFocus™ online platform Customers maintain safety and business continuity

Online platform provides Customers with enhanced technical support and collaboration during a time of operational restrictions.

Without interruption and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing experts continue to collaborate with certain Customers by means of the InFocus™ online platform to enhance ongoing plant operations. Due to the pandemic, ExxonMobil personnel may not be able to attend on-site planned catalyst change-outs and subsequent plant start-ups to help Customers ensure that everything goes to plan and instantaneous adjustments are made.

As travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines were implemented around the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many hydrocarbon processing plants were, and are, running at reduced rates and facing delayed catalyst change-outs. Others plants have needed to execute maintenance as planned, including change-outs of ExxonMobil proprietary catalysts. To help Customers overcome some of the challenges COVID-19 presents and maintain or increase operational safety, ExxonMobil was able to provide continued support to certain Customers by leveraging the existing InFocus online platform for: remote plant operations start-up support.
For example, in lieu of providing in person, on-site start-up assistance due to travel restrictions, ExxonMobil used InFocus online remote monitoring with application program interface (API) data transfer which allowed ExxonMobil technical support engineers to see start-up conditions at a Customer’s unit in near real-time. While monitoring the process conditions via the InFocus online platform, ExxonMobil personnel saw the refiner was approaching unfavorable operating conditions and was able to alert the Customer to intervene, bringing clarity to the minimum pressurization temperature (MPT) requirements for the reactor vessel.
ExxonMobil experts have been able to support multiple Customers with unit start-ups during this time of travel restrictions and social-distancing restrictions. By leveraging the InFocus platform to collaborate with ExxonMobil experts, certain Customers were able to safely complete the start-up their facility as planned, and to make quick adjustments to optimize operations, thereby avoiding catalyst degradation and additional costs.

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