Mobility is changing around the world  

ExxonMobil has developed a new tire innerliner material to help you produce a high-performance tire that meets today’s evolving mobility demands. To learn more about Exxpro™ 3563 specialty elastomer, download the papers and view the video presentations from this year’s Tire Technology conference.

Sujith Nair

Senior market developer, Specialty Elastomer & Butyl 

“Let’s meet to discuss how Exxpro™ 3563 can help improve your tire’s performance.”

More information on tire material, including product data sheets and gradeslates, and other innovative ExxonMobil Chemical automotive solutions.

  • Groundbreaking airloss solution

    Introducing next-generation Exxpro™ 3563 – the world’s most advanced material for innerliners.

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  • Butyl Inner Tube Liner graphic

    Why air retention matters

    Tires with halobutyl innerliners maintain proper tire pressure, and bring better performance.

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  • ExxonMobil Chemical Butyl Rubber Plant

    Butyl rubber

    From innertubes to curing bladders, butyl properties are valued across a range of rubber products.

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