Synthetic base stocks for greases

A stack of gears with grease spread over the gears

ExxonMobil Chemical synthetic base stocks are chosen by grease formulators supplying a variety of industrial users, including automotive, marine and aerospace companies.

Our polyalphaolefin base stocks, SpectraSyn™ PAO, SpectraSyn Plus™ Advanced PAO and SpectraSyn Elite™ mPAO, used alone or in combination with Esterex™ esters or Synesstic™ AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks, lubricate over a broad temperature range. They also offer lubrication protection for components operating under severe conditions, and provide energy efficiency features.

Synesstic AN, when used in combination with PAO, supplies the resulting grease with good low-temperature dispensability, high-temperature adhesive properties and rust-inhibiting properties. Additionally, use of Synesstic AN reduces the amount of thickener required, supports additive solubility through their increased polarity and provides hydrolytic stability.

Most Esterex esters are readily or inherently biodegradable and are suitable for use in low- and high-temperature applications. In combination with PAO, they support additive solubility by providing increased polarity.

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