Synthetic base stocks for four-stroke engine oils

Yellow dirt bike with a four stroke engine as it moves through the mud and dirt

Synthetic oils are preferred for their ability to improve cold-start performance and their good low-temperature flow characteristics in the most severe winter conditions.

Using SpectraSyn™ Lo Vis PAO  in a four-stroke engine oil improves both power and performance through reductions in friction and wear. SpectraSyn Lo Vis also provides high-temperature stability for reliable performance and improved oil quality.

Esterex™ esters and/or Synesstic™ AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks in combination with SpectraSyn Lo Vis and the right additives can lead to improvement in lubricity and offer antiwear performance. This is especially valuable in high-lift camshafts and other heavily loaded valve train components.


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