Synthetic base stocks for automotive engine oils

Automobil engine piston in motion on a blue-purple background

The highest performance standards for passenger car and heavy-duty engine oils can be met using synthetic base stocks such as:

These chemically derived synthetic base stocks offer numerous advantages over mineral oil base stocks, including:

  • Better oxidative and thermal stability for long service life  
  • Better volatility for reduced engine oil emissions  
  • No inherent contaminants to accelerate corrosion or acid formation  
  • Higher saturates level for greater soot-handling capabilities  
  • Lower pour points for improved operational low temperatures

SpectraSyn Lo Vis and SpectraSyn Hi Vis PAO to formulate high-quality engine oils. 

SpectraSyn Plus Advanced PAO to formulate top-tier engine oils as well as other high-performing automotive, aviation and military applications requiring improved volatility and low-temperature performance.

Synesstic AN in engine oil applications that require high stability under extreme operating conditions.

Esterex esters for fully synthetic passenger car engine oils and heavy-duty engine oils.

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