Polybilt™ modifiers for improved asphalt performance

Car on highway with trees in background

The addition of ExxonMobil Chemical Polybilt modifiers to bitumen (asphalt) results in improved performance, greater durability and easier processing.

Under increasing traffic and diverse weather conditions, asphalt road surfaces progressively lose their mechanical performance.

Polybilt modifiers work to:

  • Widen the working temperature range of road surfaces
  • Improve road mechanical properties, including rutting resistance
  • Enhance bitumen performance and handle increasing traffic loads
  • Reduce pavement thickness
  • Increase pavement durability

At high temperatures, asphalt is subject to softening that leads to rutting and bleeding. Extreme low temperatures can result in cracking and loose chipping. Polybilt modifiers expand the range of surface consistency to minimize deterioration and breakdowns.

Mixing Polybilt modifiers is easy and efficient, as it can be blended with bitumen in a wide variety of equipment, including standard low shear mixers. Polybilt can also be mixed in about half the time of other polymers, and does not require time for the polymer to “swell” into the bitumen to reach optimal properties.