Hydrocarbon fluids for metalworking

Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ fluids are a leading choice for cooling and lubrication fluids used in metalworking processes. These hydrocarbon fluids help achieve the desired shape through machining or forming and serve as a protective coating to keep oxygen and moisture away from metal surfaces.

Exxsol D and Isopar fluids help to control friction, reduce tool wear and dissipate heat compared to mineral spirits and kerosene or diesel-type products. They also offer lower toxicity and low odor levels.


Choose Exxsol™ and Isopar™ fluids for metalworking challenges.

High performance

Read about fluids for metalworking formulations.

Car interior

Exxsol™ D and Isopar™ fluids help control equipment temperature while removing residual metallic pieces.

Aluminum pots

Stamping, punching, rolling and drawing benefit from hydrocarbon fluids featuring medium-range boiling points.

Evaporative fluid for metal working

Rely on our hydrocarbon fluids for evaporable fast-drying formulations and odorless forming oils.

Brake disc

Formulators gain optimum control over product performance and a high level of safety and comfort for their employees and customers.