Improve innertube air retention, performance with butyl rubber

Portion of mountain bike tire with two spokes

Manufacturing innertubes with Exxon™ butyl rubber or Exxon™ chlorobutyl rubber instead of natural rubber provides numerous benefits to the users of bicycle tires, radial truck tube-type tires and some severe service, off-road tire applications.


  • Consistent inflation pressure
  • Reduction in tire rolling resistance due to the better inflation pressure retention, leading to the potential for less fuel consumption
  • Longer tire life and more-even wear performance
  • Longer innertube life due to better heat stability
  • Enhanced tire durability

Butyl rubber offers superior inflation pressure retention to natural rubber and has better heat resistance, tear strength and aging resistance. This combination makes butyl rubber a good choice for stringent operating conditions such as long distance travel at high operating speeds and heavy payloads under difficult weather and temperature conditions.