Improve automotive v-belts heat resistance with Vistalon™ EPDM

Close-up of an automotive underhood v-belt on a running engine

Vistalon™ 706 EPM is a copolymer specifically engineered for use in automotive power transmission accessory drive belts.

Developed for peak performance in the grinding process, Vistalon 706 EPM offers good tear strength and flex-crack resistance. It outperforms chloroprene rubber in heat aging resistance and is a lower-cost alternative to hydrogenated nitrile rubber.

Key compound attributes

  • Extended belt lifetime in a high-temperature environment
  • High load to sustain engine start-up (especially in diesel engines)
  • High resistance to pulley clogging
  • Quieter running

Vistalon 706 EPM is sold in dense bales and is available worldwide.