Improve bumper fascia toughness, low-temperature flexibility and ductility with Exact™ plastomers

Line-up of grey and white SUVs showing exterior rear bumper fascia and tailights

For more than a decade, compounders have used Exact™ plastomers as TPO modifiers to tailor the toughness, low-temperature flexibility and ductility of automotive bumper fascia and door trim. Exact plastomers also work well in interior applications such as pillars and instrument panels and under the hood in radiator fans and fan shrouds.

With ductility at -30°C (-22°F) or below in polypropylene-based thermoplastic olefin (TPO) compounds, Exact plastomers provide the low-temperature flexibility to absorb high-energy impacts without brittle failure. They also offer:

  • Stand-out weatherability
  • Improved paintability
  • Chemical resistance and thermal stability
  • Impact, stiffness and flow balance for the easy manufacture of thinner, more-complex parts

New Exact EB (ethylene butene) plastomers feature longer branching chains than competitive plastomers. Exact EB plastomers can meet the most demanding specifications and be substituted for octane grades in most cases.

Available in free-flowing pellets for easy storage, handling and processing, Exact plastomers also offer recyclability consistent with polyolefin systems.