Exceed™ and Enable™ mPE resin blends – high-performance formulations for demanding film applications

Film converters looking to produce flexible films with improved mechanical strength, enhanced sealing performance and opportunities for film-line output improvements are using Exceed and Enable metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resin blends.

Enable mPE resins offer unprecedented combination of film processing and HAO performance, including:

  • Operational stability
  • Extended output
  • Downgauging potential
  • Application versatility
  • Resin sourcing simplicity

For highly demanding end-use applications,
Exceed mPE resins offer unrivaled film performance, including:

  • Toughness and strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Downgauging potential
  • Gloss and transparency
  • Sealing performance

Compared with Exceed mPE resin-lean blends

  • Significantly improved toughness
  • Improved impact strength and tear resistance
  • Excellent sealing capability
  • Drawdown ability

Compared with Exceed mPE resin-rich blends

  • Equivalent extrusion performance
  • Excellent bubble stability
  • Film-line output improvements
  • Improved impact resistance

Exceed and Enable mPE blends are ideal for flexible packaging applications, including: