Where to use it

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) can open new possibilities for manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Vistamaxx PBE can enable manufacturers to tailor and enhance specific properties in nonwovens to achieve high levels of performance in elasticity, flexibility and softness. In commercial applications, this can result in products that achieve high standards of comfort and aesthetics as well as high levels of extendibility.


From baby diapers to adult incontinence products, Vistamaxx PBE can deliver personal hygiene nonwoven products with an excellent level of elasticity or softness.


Vistamaxx PBE can create light, soft and highly elastic films for a comfortable and discreet customer experience.


Create flexible, durable and cost-effective consumer and industrial products with Vistamaxx PBE.


Vistamaxx PBE can offer possibilities to simplify fabric construction and improve product performance in a cost-effective manner.


Vistamaxx PBE can deliver new softness and drapability to single-use medical nonwoven fabrics.