Responsible fluids product management

A laboratory woman injecting a liquid into a tube

ExxonMobil Chemical has comprehensive product stewardship management systems to improve safety, health and environmental performance while providing the highest quality products.

These systems help with: 

  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Training employees to properly handle, recycle and dispose of products
  • Providing safety, health and environmental training and information to customers and distributors
  • Ensuring that those who handle and use our products do so in a safe and environmentally responsible manner throughout the supply chain

The company conducts all operations, and improves its safety, health and environmental performance under the Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS). Not only does OIMS meet the ISO 14001 requirement for environmental management systems, according to an audit by Lloyds Register, it (ExxonMobil Chemical) is "among the industry leaders in the extent to which environment management considerations have been integrated into its ongoing business."

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