A clean shift from chlorinated solvents 
Not all solvents are the same. Some solvents can adversely affect machined parts.
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A clean shift from white spirit or kerosene 
Not all solvents are the same; some solvents can adversely affect machined parts.
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Enhancing the Environmental Stress Crack Resistance of HDPE 
Vistamaxx™ polymers can be used to improve ESCR of HDPE
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Escaid™ high-performance base fluids bring energy to life 2015 
As operators push the frontiers, today’s drilling fluids need to perform under increasingly challenging conditions while reducing their environmental footprint. For this, you need the best base fluids
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Exxal 9s Isononyl Alcohol 
Product Specification for Exxal™ 9s Isononyl Alcohol
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ExxonMobil™ Neo Pentanoic Acid 
Product Specification for ExxonMobil™ Neo Pentanoic Acid
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ExxonMobil™ Nonene Higher Olefin 
Product Specification for ExxonMobil™ Nonene Higher Olefin
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High-performance diluents for metal extraction 
High-performance diluents for metal extraction
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High-quality and safety for your dry cleaning business with DF-2000™ solvent 
In your dry cleaning business, you don’t have to compromise on quality or safety with DF 2000™ solvent.
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Improved flexibility and toughness of hPP partswith Vistamaxx™ performance polymers 
Plastindia 2015_MRS_toshiba2
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Improved quality, reduced costs and enhanced end-product performance of masterbatch compounds 
a Vistamaxx case study
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improving recyclate compatibility to enhance plastic pallet quality 
Vistamaxx performance polymers improve the impact strength of plastic pallets.
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Improving the performance and appearance of plastic stationery products 
a Vistamaxx case story
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Improving the quality of color and functional masterbatches 
a Vistamaxx case story
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Increase diesel yields - and profits - for your refinery 
Increase diesel yields - and profits - for your refinery
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Jayflex™ 210 Naphthenic Hydrocarbon Plasticizer 
Product Specification for Jayflex™ 210 Naphthenic Hydrocarbon Plasticizer
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Jayflex™ DINP Plasticizer 
Product Specification for Jayflex™ DINP Plasticizer
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Jayflex™ L911P Plasticizer 
Product Specification for Jayflex™ L911P Plasticizer
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Keep your business in motion with Exx-Wash process oil 
ExxonMobil Chemical has a solution to meet your compressor cleaning needs: Exx-Wash™, a newly developed portfolio of tailored wash oils.
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Model Formulation Vistalon™ 3666 / 8600 EPDM rubber washing machine gasket — 50 Shore A 
Model EPDM formulation for 50A washing machine gaskets
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Model Formulation Vistalon™ 7001 / 2502 EPDM steam-cured rubber fire hose — 70 Shore A 
Model EPDM formulation for 70A steam-cured rubber fire hose
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Model Formulation Vistalon™ 7602 EPDM rubber molded goods — 60 Shore A 
Model EPDM formulation for 60A industrial molded goods
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Natural fiber compound gains added strength from Vistamaxx performance polymers 
"Vistamaxx polymers strengthen the woodyplast natural fiber compound material used in award-winning pallet collar frames." Walter Klaus, managing director of Klaus Kunststofftechnik GmbH.
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New possibilities for enhanced masterbatch compounds 
New possibilities for enhanced masterbatch compounds
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new possibilities for enhanced masterbatch compounds with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers 
Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers - a new generation of polymer resin carrier.
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Photovoltaic Applications 
Photovoltaic Applications
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Safety, health and environmental aspects of Escaid™ fluids for drilling applications - 2015 
Escaid™ fluids deliver advantages for onshore and offshore drilling fluid applications.
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Somentor Rolling Oils Leaflet Launch AP 
Somentor aluminum rolling fluids leaflet for launch in AP region
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Somentor™ rolling oils 
Leaflet for launch of Somentor™ fluids rolling oil for South America
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Somentor™ rolling oils 
Somentor™ rolling oil North America launch leaflet
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Synthetic lubricant base stocks formulations guide 
Step up your lube innovation with our products and technology
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Taking unconventional extraction further 
Hydraulic fracturing requires fluids that perform effectively under stringent down-hole conditions. The composition of fracturing fluids can vary widely depending on geology. The vast majority of well
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The clear choice in hydrocarbon fluids for metalworking 
The more you know about metalworking formulations, the
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