Boost quality and cut cost of nonwovens filler masterbatch 
a Vistamaxx case study
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Enhanced plastisol film and sheet applications 
Jayflex™ DINP offers the optimal balance of processability and performance for your film and sheet applications.
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Exxal 9s Isononyl Alcohol 
Product Specification for Exxal™ 9s Isononyl Alcohol
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ExxonMobil PP7684KN Polypropylene Resin factsheet 
ExxonMobilTM PP7684KN resin is a highly versatile medium impact copolymer resin for a broad range of medium duty applications
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ExxonMobil™ Neo Pentanoic Acid 
Product Specification for ExxonMobil™ Neo Pentanoic Acid
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ExxonMobil™ Nonene Higher Olefin 
Product Specification for ExxonMobil™ Nonene Higher Olefin
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Gloves with outstanding comfort, fit and toughness 
Conformable glove factsheet
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higher processing flexibility at lower costs in elastic hygiene film 
Vistamaxx™ for higher processing flexibility at lower costs in elastic hygiene film
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High-performance fluids for decorative coatings 
Deliver environmental performance while delivering high value product performance
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Innovative solutions for polymer modification 
Vistamaxx™ 8880 provides opportunities for compounders, converters and OEMs to add value.
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Jayflex™ 210 Naphthenic Hydrocarbon Plasticizer 
Product Specification for Jayflex™ 210 Naphthenic Hydrocarbon Plasticizer
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Jayflex™ DINP Plasticizer 
Product Specification for Jayflex™ DINP Plasticizer
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Jayflex™ DINP: Glove’s best friend 
Jayflex™ DINP for glove applications
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Jayflex™ L911P Plasticizer 
Product Specification for Jayflex™ L911P Plasticizer
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more efficient processing and better-quality thermoformed food packaging 
a Vistamaxx case story
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new cushioning possibilities for shoe insoles with Vistamaxx PBE 
Diabetes adapted shoe insole with Astro form 8
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Polyfil uses Vistamaxx™ PBE to create new possibilities for foamed PP sheet and thermoformed parts 
Foamed PP sheet using Ecocell®VM1 CFA with Vistamaxx PBE can increase foam content by up to 10% during thermoforming, which can reduce part weight and raw material use.
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Productivity and performance improvements for appliance applications - AP portfolio 
AP portfolio for various appliance applications
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Vistamaxx performance polymers create new possibilities in foaming applications 
a Vistamaxx case story
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Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer helps get unique toy to market in time for peak sales period 
Ever Force "Pack Away Garage" case study
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