SpectraSyn Plus™ Advanced PAO

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Gain an unsurpassed combination of volatility and low-temperature fluidity (Noack and CCS viscosity) relative to conventional polyalphaolefins (PAO).

Synthetic lubricants formulated with SpectraSyn Plus™ may offer the following benefits:

  • Extended drain intervals
  • Improved fuel economy/energy efficiency
  • Enhanced wear protection
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Cost-effective low temperature and volatility performance blends with mineral oils

Multiple grades available
SpectraSyn Plus Advanced 4 cSt PAO – Provides an unmatched combination of low volatility and low-temperature fluidity. Viscosity, Noack and Cold Cranking Simulator characteristics support the choice of SpectraSyn Plus for a wide range of automotive applications.

Bar chart shows SpectraSyn Plus™ having better volatility and low temperature fluidity than the comparison conventional polyalphaolefin
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SpectraSyn Plus™ sets a benchmark for PAO volatility and low-temperature fluidity.; SpectraSyn Plus™??????(PAO)???????????????

SpectraSyn Plus Advanced 3.6 cSt PAO – Offers the same benefits in low viscosity PAO, making them ideal for high-performance, low-temperature applications such as in greases and driveline fluids. 

SpectraSyn Plus Advanced 6 cSt PAO – An improvement in volatility for 6 cSt PAO and better suited to automotive and industrial applications that require good low-temperature and low-volatility performance.