PxMax (selective toluene disproportionation)

Chemical plant operating during the daylight hours

PxMaxsm is ExxonMobil Chemical’s newest Selective Toluene Disproportionation (STDP) technology. The key ingredient is the novel EM-2300 catalyst that offers improved yields, excellent stability and ease of operation. As part of a PxMax license, ExxonMobil Chemical provides full support for licensees from initial consultation through technology transfer and ongoing improvements.

Compared to its predecessor, the PxMax process using EM-2300 catalyst offers:

  • higher purity paraxylene-rich xylenes (90%+)
  • higher total xylenes yield
  • superior xylenes/benzene ratio

These performance benefits, combined with lower operating temperatures and reduced H2/hydrocarbon requirements, can result in increased profits and significant debottlenecking opportunities.

PxMax advantages

  • Lower costs
  • Unique ex-situ catalyst selectivation
  • Simple fixed-bed process