Exceed™ metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins

Exceed™ mPE resin products are used to formulate a wide range of film structures offering unrivaled performance for highly demanding end-use applications.  Exceed mPE resin's properties and capabilities include:

  •  Toughness and strength
  •  Impact resistance
  •  Downgauging potential
  •  Gloss and transparency
  •  Sealing performance

When eXtreme Performance matters, Exceed™ XP performance polymers offer a new performance benchmark, which enables the fabrication of extremely damage-resistant films and liners to protect and preserve a range of liquid and food products, agricultural harvests and building foundations.

Converters can expect Exceed mPE resin to help lower working capital requirements thanks to material savings and reduced inventory levels, and to reduce environmental impact through source reduction and fewer application failures. For polyethylene applications, Exceed mPE resins deliver exceptional product performance versus conventional LLDPE resin.

Exceed mPE resin and Enable™ mPE resin are a leading metallocene portfolio to meet evolving market needs. Exceed mPE and Enable mPE resin blends offer high performance formulations for many demanding processing and film applications.


Protecting and preserving liquids with extremely damage-resistant films that mitigate the risk of flex-crack pinholes during production, handling and utilization.

Food packaging film

Protecting and preserving food products with extremely damage-resistant films that can withstand the most demanding environments like freezers.

Green plastic soda bottles in shrink packaging

Exceed™ and Enable™ metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins combine outstanding packaging integrity with optimal clarity and gloss.

Knight packaged in clear film

Nexxstar™ resin formulations enable a new generation of stretch hood films that offer economic benefits and improved load protection.

Diaper compression packaging

Exceed™ and Enable™ mPE resins promote outstanding, high-clarity packaging films at high throughput rates.

High throughput film shown with salad greens

Produce flexible film mechanical strength, sealing performance and opportunities for film-line output improvements

Colorful, stand-up pouches

Exceed™ and Enable™ mPE resins promote outstanding, high-clarity packaging films at high throughput rates.

Find the right product grade to meet the needs of your extreme applications by visiting our library of technical information on Exceed mPE resin. 

Learn how Exceed ™ metallocene polyethylene supports more-sustainable flexible films.