General-purpose Jayflex™ plasticizers

ExxonMobil Chemical offers the industry's broadest range of high-molecular-weight (HMW) plasticizers. General-purpose Jayflex plasticizers offer the optimal balance of performance and cost, good low-temperature properties and acceptable volatility.

Advantages of general-purpose Jayflex plasticizers

  • Improved durability of flexible PVC, extending product life
  • Low volatility for better mechanical properties over time
  • Strong aging performance
  • Good processing in dry blending, extrusion, calendaring, injection molding, dipping and spread coating, rotomolding, dipping
  • Cost-effectiveness and high availability
  • REACH readiness
  • Safe for use in all flexible PVC applications

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Jayflex™ REACH registration

What does it mean for you?


The largest-volume and preferred general-purpose HMW plasticizer for PVC.

Cable in a smile shape

One of the largest-volume general-purpose HMW plasticizers with extensive uses in the wire and cable industry.

Auto Seat

An HMW plasticizer that offers good outdoor weathering and is the perfect match for flexible PVC products that require low contribution to fogging.

Cables of a car radio

The highest-molecular-weight phthalate plasticizer for greater performance at high temperatures. Best suited for automotive cable and higher-temperature wire insulation applications.