Jayflex™ DIUP plasticizers

Car interior zoomed in on dashboard

Jayflex DIUP plasticizer is a high-molecular-weight plasticizer designed to provide good performance at high temperatures and good outdoor weathering capabilities. It is the preferred plasticizer for flexible PVC products that require a low contribution to fogging, an important benefit for automakers.

Advantages of Jayflex DIUP plasticizer

  • Higher molecular weight than DIDP and DINP, contributing to increased permanency
  • Lower density, enabling higher output volumes at the same weight
  • Low fogging in car interiors
  • Strong outdoor weathering capabilities
  • Sustained flexibility in cold conditions
  • Low volatility for resistance to heat aging conditions
  • Slower migration and increased extraction resistance compared with Jayflex DIDP
  • REACH readiness

Jayflex DIUP plasticizer is safe for use: not carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction category 1 or 2. It does not fulfill the criteria of a substance having endocrine-disrupting properties.

Regional sales specifications