ExxonMobil™ polypropylene resin

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ExxonMobil Chemical manufactures a broad portfolio of polypropylene (PP) resins designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of a variety of automotive, appliance, rigid packaging, consumer and industrial product applications.

With over 50 years of commitment to the industry, our proven record in technological innovation and application expertise enables us to meet customer needs in a growing market.

ExxonMobil™ homopolymer (hPP), impact copolymer (ICP) and random copolymer (RCP) PP resins have a wide range of physical properties. They are manufactured to high standards worldwide, providing you with the reliability and quality consistency that successful businesses look for. In addition, our PP resin portfolio includes grades that can be used neat or as compound formulations.

Performance advantages of our PP resins include:

  • Good stiffness-impact balance
  • Improved cycle times compared to low melt flow rate (MFR) resins
  • Low to no flow marks for great product aesthetics
  • Potential sustainability benefits, such as the lightweighting of components and recycling opportunities within the manufacturing stream
  • Cost reduction opportunities
Santoprene TPV Enhanced performance

Benefit from our global capability, extensive product portfolio, application development expertise and consistent high quality.

Material of choice

Benefit from a choice of hPP, ICP and RCP PP resins.

Santoprene TPV Proven benefits

Our portfolio offers enhanced performance, potential sustainability benefits and cost reduction opportunities for your products.