Exxelor™ polymer resins

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Exxelor polymer resins are used to enhance the performance of a variety of engineered thermoplastics and other technical polymers. They are based on functionalized elastomeric and polyolefinic polymers and are produced through reactive extrusion.

With Exxelor polymer resins, characteristics such as resistance to impact at low temperature, improved homogeneity and surface aspects in filled compounds can be advanced compared with untreated materials.

Roles for Exxelor polymer resins

Impact polymer resin
Exxelor polymer resins improve the overall toughness of polymers. Under optimal dispersion, the rubbery phase of Exxelor polymer resin helps improve impact strength and elongation. At higher levels, Exxelor polymer resin can provide enhanced ductility in polyamide blends at low temperatures (down to -40°C/-40°F) while maintaining good heat resistance.

Acting as a solid surfactant, Exxelor polymer resins increase interphase adhesion and achieve compatibility between most commonly used polar polymers and polyolefins.

Coupling agents
Exxelor polymer resins promote chemical bonding between fillers, reinforcements and the polymer matrix.

Adhesion promoters
When added to nonpolar polymers, Exxelor polymer resins enhance adhesion to materials such as metal, thermoset rubbers and most polar substrates, including glass.