Esterex™ esters

Man dressed in Winter clothing operating a red snow blower in wintery conditions

Esterex esters are organic esters for use in lubricant applications. Ranging from dibasic to polyol, these products feature properties including:

  • Good thermal and oxidative stability
  • Low volatility
  • Detergency and dispersancy
  • Lubricity

Esterex esters are used in automotive, textile, industrial, aviation, turbine and compressor lubricants. They can be used as a stand-alone base stock or in combination with other fluids. Most Esterex esters are readily or inherently biodegradable, making them an appropriate choice for applications in which a lubricant is in contact with the environment.

In extreme conditions that call for more hydrolytic, oxidative and thermal stability, Synesstic AN™ (Alkylated Naphthalene) Blendstocks can replace or supplement some esters. Because lubricants formulated with Synesstic AN perform longer and better in all kinds of conditions, they can be more cost effective for end users.

Biodegradability data table