Elevast™ enhances plastics flexibility

A coil of blue PEX tubing

Potential benefits

  • Reduced coil memory with excellent bending flexibility
  • Enables easy handling and field installation
  • Improved kink resistance
  • Balanced flexibility with toughness and processability

Key applications

  • Pipe and tubing
  • Wire and cable
  • Flexible packaging
Bar chart shows that with the addition of relatively small amounts of Elevast™ polymer modifier, the bending force of PEX tubing is decreased providing additional flexibility and increasing the ease of installation
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Need added flexibility? Look to Elevast™ polymer modifiers.
Spider graph chart shows the improvement in a number of properties with the addition of a small amount of Elevast™ polymer modifier as compared to neat PP and PP with plastomer
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Use Elevast™polymer modifers to improve your current products by enhancing their performance range.