High-quality resins, reliable supply help processors compete in caps and closures market

Hundreds of multi-colored flexible caps and closures for drink bottles

Processors worldwide rely on ExxonMobil Chemical for reliable supply across a broad range of polypropylene resins for caps and closures for soft drink/water bottles, and packaging for cosmetics, drugs, food products and condiments.

Resins from ExxonMobil Chemical, being suitable for injection and compression molding, provide processors with:

  • Fast cycle times
  • Low closure concavity
  • Great appearance
  • Low taste and odor
  • Easy mold release
  • Lot-to-lot consistency

For beverages, resins with low to medium melt flow rate (MFR) are generally preferred. ExxonMobil offers FDA-approved grades for caps and closures which provide the right stiffness/impact balance and efficient processability.

For nonbeverage caps and closures, choose from polypropylene homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers offering a range of stiffness and impact requirements at different MFRs. The result is a balance of clarity, cleanliness, color and function as unique as the products protected.

Key grades for caps and closures

Other cap and closure options
ExxonMobil Chemical also offers a range of polyethylene grades for additional cap and closure applications. Santoprene™ TPVs are excellent for high-temperature hot-fill and retort closure liners and cap seals.