Young boy climbing in fridge, tip-toes on bottom ledge, holding onto and reaching into upper shelf

ExxonMobil™ impact copolymer (ICP) polypropylene (PP) resins can deliver excellent low temperature impact strength and aesthetics for your refrigerator.

Used by refrigerator manufacturers across the globe, ExxonMobil ICP PP resins can provide:

  • Good low temperature impact and good stiffness/impact balance
  • Low warpage
  • Good processability due to a broad range of melt flow rates (MFR)
  • High gloss for appealing surface appearance
  • Lower density for reduced part weight
  • Low odor, FDA compliance and UL certification
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance

Recommended grades for refrigerators*

PartsAsia Pacific Grades North America Grades
Ice cube trays, toe grilles & caps AX03BE3
Top matAP03B 
Door buckets/binsAP03B, PP7684KNPP7694E2, PP7684KN
Refrigerator base/kick plateAP03B 
Air duct (not visible)AP03B, PP7555KNE2 
* ExxonMobil ICP PP resin grades frequently used by manufacturers