Improve dishwasher impact strength, durability and consumer appeal with polypropylene resins

Smiling man, low down loading dishwasher

Add impact strength, durability and consumer appeal to your dishwashers with a wide selection of ExxonMobil™ homopolymer and impact copolymer polypropylene resins and Exxtral™ performance polyolefin including colorable, talc- and calcium carbonate-filled materials.

Used around the world by dishwasher manufacturers, our polypropylene provides:

  • Excellent performance over a broad temperature range (shipping, storage and use)
  • Stability in environments exposed to sustained contact with hot water and air, including solutions with high detergent concentration and/or rinse aid
  • Range of melt flow rates to enable consistent parts manufacturing and maximum productivity in varying parts sizes and complexities
  • Array of stiffness – impact combinations that offer economic replacement alternatives for metal and other engineered polymer resins
  • Outstanding parts consolidation with Santoprene™ TPVs for improved sealing, durability and high-end aesthetics

 Dishwasher recommendations*

Wash Chamber (tub)
Inner door liner              
Utensil baskets
Dispensers, vents & connectors
Rack wheels & small parts

* Polypropylene grades frequently used by manufacturers