ExxonMobil polymerization fluids support foam blowing processes

Polymer modification elastomers and EPDM

Polymer producers around the world rely on ExxonMobil Chemical Exxsol™ and Isopar™ hydrocarbon fluids for various polymerization and foam blowing processes.

The company has decades of experience in polymerization processes and ExxonMobil Chemical fluids are manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and comply with local food laws. Fluid quality and specifications are designed to meet the requirements of licensors of various polymerization technologies.

 Solution and slurry polymerizationGas phaseCarrier for organic peroxides and radical polymerization
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • sSBR
  • HDPE
  • LDPE
  • EVA
  • EAA
ExxonMobil Chemical fluids
  • Exxsol Hexane
  • Exxsol Heptane
  • Isopar E
  • Exxsol DSP 100/140
  • Exxsol Hexane
  • Exxsol Isohexane
  • Exxsol Isopentane
  • Isopar grades