Exceed™ and Enable™ performance polymers for medium- to heavy-duty sacks

Exceed and Enable performance polymer-based film formulations offer significant advantages for the high-speed production of medium- to heavy-duty sacks suitable for a broad range of packaging applications.

Enable performance polymer can replace LLDPE/LDPE resin blends for both medium- and heavy-duty sacks, with Exceed performance polymer being exceptionally well suited for the heavier, stronger, highest-quality sack compositions.

Heavy-duty sacks film using Exceed performance polymer
Across the supply chain, Exceed performance polymer-based films deliver performance and value. Formulations can be tailored to derive maximum benefit in both vertical and tubular form, fill and seal (FFS) processes.

  • Converters: high output on existing coextrusion film lines, excellent cost performance balance, easily adapted formulations
  • Brand owners and packers: high line speeds, excellent product imagery/branding potential, cost optimization opportunities, rigidity and stiffness for good machinability
  • Retailers and distributors: superior transportation and storage packaging integrity, excellent product imagery/branding potential, good creep resistance during storage
  • Consumer: more convenience and less spillage

At equal gauge, Exceed performance polymer-based film surpasses industry standards for puncture force, tear resistance, sealing range and other performance parameters.

Medium- to heavy-duty bags and sacks using Enable performance polymer
Compared with conventional alternatives, Enable performance polymer-based films in sacks for pet foods, lawn and garden products, rice and other products offer:

  • Improved film extrusion with potential film-line output benefits
  • Simplified product formulation, reduced costs, improved film quality and consistency
  • Lower working capital through material savings and lower inventory
  • Tailored tensile and modulus properties, reducing bag deformation through improved creep

Enable performance polymer-based films provide benefits on both multilayer and monolayer extrusion lines.