Enable™ mPE resin for pallet shrink packaging films

Shrink film with pallet overlay

Enable metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resin provides optimal package integrity, economic advantage through downgauging opportunities and packaging-line reliability in tertiary packaging applications.

Offering an industry-leading combination of film processing and higher alpha olefin (HAO) performance benefits in a single, unique resin, Enable mPE resin formulated films deliver exceptional value in pallet shrink applications due to:

  • Balanced MD/TD shrink and holding force to meet existing pallet shrink performance requirements
  • Improved toughness and puncture resistance for less risk of damage during transit and more secure loads
  • Better packaging-line operations for improved film open-ability and COF control, resulting in little or no need for anti-block
  • Downgauging opportunities of up to 35% for raw material savings, lower film inventory, reduced transportation costs, lower unit costs and more-sustainable flexible film solutions
  • No loss in output , leading to increased yield
  • Enhanced optical properties to improve package appearance, provide excellent "see-through" clarity and promote easier bar code reading

Enable mPE resin-formulated pallet shrink films are suitable for a broad range of transportation bundling applications, including:

  • Tertiary packaging for palletized bottled water and beverages
  • Chemicals, resins and fertilizers
  • Construction materials
Product data table for Enable mPE resin formulated pallet film and the reference film
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Product data for Enable™ mPE resin formulated film and the reference film. Based on ExxonMobil data