Escor™ EAA copolymer resins for lamitubes

Examples of polyethylene in packaging tubes

Escor™ ethylene acrylic acid (EAA) copolymer resins are used in many extrusion coating applications due to their optimal bonding properties to polar materials, such as aluminum, metalized oriented polypropylene and metalized PET film substrates.

In lamitubes applications, Escor EAA copolymer resins are used in extrusion lamination as an adhesive layer. In extrusion coating, Escor EAA resins allow high bond strength onto the substrate even at low extrusion temperatures, with no need to prime the aluminum foil – an economic advantage and environmentally friendly option.

Escor EAA copolymer resins feature a very good balance of adhesion to polar substrates, adhesion to PE and good organoleptics.