Introduce new HAP possibilities with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers

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Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomers offer new possibilities for improving hygiene absorbent product components such as elastic waistbands, stretch ears, top and back sheets and leg cuffs.

Innovative designs can be implemented cost-effectively in the next generation of diapers, training pants, feminine care and adult incontinence articles through:

  • Elasticity in breathable nonwoven constructions for enhanced product performance
  • Better drape and flexibility for conformability and fit
  • Ability to modify polyolefins for tailoring physical properties and improved adhesion

Spunbond solutions
Vistamaxx™ 2125 is optimized for spunbond processing, enabling more cost-effective solutions based upon one-step production of better-fitting elastic fabrics.

Meltblown solutions
With its higher melt flow rate, Vistamaxx™ 2330 is especially suitable for nonwoven meltblown processing. Its compatibility with other polymers allows innovative designs of multilayer fabrics.

Innovative possibilities for polypropylene nonwovens
Vistamaxx™ 6102 and Vistamaxx™ 6202 propylene-based elastomers enhance elasticity, extensibility, flexibility and drapability in hygiene applications. They are ideal for use in blends with other polymers such as polypropylene to cost-effectively improve hygiene product performance.