Add durability to vinyl flooring with Jayflex™ plasticizers

Woman legs walking on vinyl floor

ExxonMobil Chemical offers several plasticizers that are well suited for vinyl flooring applications. Jayflex plasticizers are commonly used in vinyl flooring because of their superior performance and good processing characteristics.


  • Resilient flooring
  • Vinyl-backed carpet tile
  • Vinyl composition tiles

Proven over decades of safe use in flooring applications, Jayflex™ DINP plasticizer offers low specific gravity, low volatility, good permanence and resistance to soapy water extraction. The Jayflex portfolio also includes secondary plasticizers to optimize cost, viscosity and processability of your plastisol blends.

Performance and sustainability with Jayflex MB10

Jayflex™MB10 plasticizer enables a partial reduction or total elimination of traditional solvents that would otherwise contribute to volatile organic compounds. Combining Jayflex MB10  with Jayflex DINP offers the opportunity to replace low molecular weight phthalate plasticizers.