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Hydrocarbon fluids for metal forming

Metal-forming processes such as stamping, punching, rolling or drawing are effective and efficient when hydrocarbon fluids featuring medium-range boiling points are used.

Compared with kerosene and white spirits, which exhibit a significant degree of variability, contain sulfur and may have aromatic content as high as 30%, Exxsol™ D and Isopar™  fluids offer:

  • High degrees of quality and consistency for reliable forming fluid formulation performance
  • Narrow boiling range for optimized formulations and drying times
  • Lower toxicity and low odor for improved worker safety and comfort
  • Significantly higher OELs (occupational exposure limits) for safer operations  

Exxsol D forming fluids
Purified by an advanced hydrogenation process, Exxsol D dearomatized fluids can effectively carry and dissolve active ingredients while helping to inhibit corrosion during forming operations. Their low viscosity, solvency power and low surface tension combine to provide uniform spreading on metal parts. 

Exxsol™ D40, Exxsol™ D60 and Exxsol™ D80 fluids can be used to tailor formulations to achieve the preferred balance of drying times, viscosity, lubrication and safe operating conditions.

Isopar forming fluids
High-purity Isopar fluids are synthetic isoparaffinic fluids for the formulation of forming oils. Isopar fluids ensure protection against corrosion during forming operations. Being virtually odorless, they contribute to a comfortable working environment for both your employees and your customers’ employees.

Isopar fluids

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