Find the right grade for metal forming

Aluminum pots
  • Isopar™ G and Isopar™ H fluids –  for faster-drying evaporable formulations
    Isopar G and Isopar H are designed to evaporate fast, making them solid choices for self-evaporable formulations such as vanishing and evanescent oils.
  • Isopar™ M fluid –  for low viscosity and safe flash-point formulations
    With a flash point of >80°C (176°F), Isopar M promotes a high level of operational safety and low viscosity for fast and uniform spreading on metal parts.  
  • Isopar™ L fluid –  an effective compromise
    Isopar L fluid combines a flash point of >61°C (142°F) and low viscosity to help formulators develop forming fluids that spread fast and uniformly to efficiently protect metal parts.