Evaporative fluid for metal working

Hydrocarbon fluids for use in evaporable oils

Evaporable oils typically provide a thin lubricant layer on a part during processing that swiftly evaporates afterwards.

For fast-drying evaporable formulations, Exxsol™ D40 fluid offers:

  • Clean-free operations, as the heat generated by the metal deformation is typically sufficient to evaporate the Exxsol D40 fluid in seconds, so no secondary cleaning step is necessary
  • Very low viscosity formulations for fast and uniform spreading of oil on the parts being processed

For odorless evaporable forming oils, Isopar™ H and Isopar™ L fluids offer properties that:

  • Enable the formulation of outstanding self-evaporable oils
  • Comply with selected food contact applications
  • Result in fast and uniform spreading of the formulated oil on metal parts
  • >10 hydrocarbon fluids
  • Carbon number distribution: C10-C14
  • Safe-use advice
  • Formulation upgrade
  • Product quality follow-up

Through all stages: from design, manufacturing to product use and disposal

  • Global Harmonized System
  • REACH ready
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Food contact compliance