Add high stiffness, impact performance and scratch resistance with Exxtral™ performance polyolefins

Close up of shiny maroon car bumper with young couple talking to salesman in background

High stiffness, impact performance and excellent scratch resistance properties are just some of the reasons why automakers choose Exxtral performance polyolefins to replace heavier, difficult-to-recycle combinations of more costly thermoplastics.

Used for bumper fascias, front grills, rear hatch bands, cowl grilles, body side molding, rockers and wheel flares, low-density Exxtral polyolefins provide weight reduction without sacrificing strength.

Bumper fascia
The high melt flow rate (MFR) of Exxtral performance polyolefins provides easy processing and allows parts with long flow lengths to be molded without tiger stripes. Even at high MFR, it maintains very high, low-temperature impact strength.

Exxtral performance polyolefin has high UV stability for long-term appearance performance in extreme environments, reducing warranty costs. It also offers excellent two- or three-layer paint performance.

Non-fascia exterior parts
Benefit from better design options provided by reduced gap tolerance due to low shrinkage and a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE). Parts maintain a good balance of stiffness and impact properties. UV-stabilized, OEM-standard colors added at masterbatch reduce Tier One suppliers’ capital investment and inventory costs.

Exxtral performance polyolefins also provide cost-effective solutions for interior applications where a balance of stiffness and high-impact strength is essential.