Seven year old girl in pink and white striped T-shirt bending over open dishwasher door to load dishes

Consumer products

ExxonMobil Chemical supplies innovative materials that benefit end users and help brand owners create imaginative products. Count on consistent quality and expertise in applying:
Specialty elastomers
Hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids
Butyl rubber

Young mother and daughter in brightly-lit utility room crouched in front of washer/dryer placing clothes into a laundry basket

Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) and a wide range of polypropylene products improve durability and appearance in washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and small appliances.

Young boy playing in garden washing a red ride-on toy car with green plastic bucket of water

Specialty elastomers and polypropylene help bring safety, flexibility and impact resistance to a wide range of products for children and the entire family.

Golf club hitting golf ball

From golf balls to footballs, Exxon™ butyl rubber delivers the properties that ensure optimum performance and durability.

Three dark haired girls sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in the back of car each tapping out text messages on their cell phones

Santoprene™ TPVs offer a variety of bonding options and design flexibility featuring soft-touch feel, texture matching, colorability and durability.

Four lime green handled gardening tools lying on top of soil with flowering plants in background

Specialty elastomers and hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids contribute to the quality and effectiveness of household products ranging from cleaning products to kitchen tool handles.

Mother playing with baby

Add to the processing flexibility of elastic hygiene film with Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomers. Improve soft-tough grips and handles on personal care items with Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs).

Back of woman runner in blue shorts with white-soled running shoes

Exact™ plastomers improve low-foam density and durability in shoe midsoles.

Close-up of circular saw with non-slip grip and other tools in background

Santoprene™ TPVs enhance the anti-slip surfaces of power and hand tools.

Aluminium sprays displayed in a vertical line up

Specialty fluids are proven useful in a variety of household products, from cleaning solutions to aerosol insecticides and protection products.