Santoprene™ TPVs enhance anti-slip surfaces on power and hand tools

Close-up of circular saw with non-slip grip and other tools in background

Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) provide the manufacturers of hand, lawn and garden and power tools with sleek-looking, anti-slip surfaces that offer greater control, improved comfort and added safety.

On home hand and garden tools, consider Santoprene TPVs for handle grips and shock isolation. On circular saws, staplers, drills and cordless power tools, look to Santoprene TPV products for handle grips, seals, triggers, buttons and knobs.

Better feel and function
Santoprene TPV bonding grades for PA, PP and a range of engineered thermoplastics add value to your product through:

  • Nonslip surfaces for greater control and safety, even in wet environments
  • Soft touch for improved comfort
  • Improved shock absorption to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Improved resistance to perspiration, water, oil, chemicals, ultraviolet rays and ozone. See online TPV Fluid Resistance Guide.
  • Vibration damping for less noise
  • Low-compression-set seals to protect power tool components from water, dust and weather

Boost your bottom line
For manufacturers, Santoprene TPVs provide:

  • Design flexibility for ergonomics and improved appearance
  • Colorable bonding grades for part consolidation and cost reduction
  • Less assembly and greater manufacturing efficiencies
  • Recyclability: clean scrap can be reprocessed