Exact™ plastomers improve low-foam density and durability in shoe midsoles

Back of woman runner in blue shorts with white-soled running shoes

Adding Exact plastomers to the ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) compound used in midsoles creates outstanding low foam density and durability for today’s lightweight shoes.

In EVA cross-linked foam for shoe midsoles, Exact plastomers:

  • Provide increased stability, comfort and durability
  • Advance new “super light” athletic shoes
  • Offer less midsole compacting or breakdown for longer shoe life
  • Provide a more comfortable cushion and bounce to return energy
  • Increase shoe flexibility

Brand owners rely on Exact plastomers in shoe design and manufacture to help them achieve optimal cushioning and weight goals without sacrificing performance. OEMs and EVA compounders will appreciate Exact plastomers for their outstanding toughness and low-temperature flexibility.