Butyl rubbers for low permeability in consumer products

Exxon™ butyl and Exxon™ halobutyl rubbers are used in consumer products such as ball bladders for sporting goods and electrical appliance condenser packing.

Ball bladders
Excellent air retention properties make butyl and bromobutyl rubber a key component in bladders used in the sporting goods industry. Butyl and bromobutyl rubber can be blended with natural rubber to improve spliceability and cure rates, while still retaining good air retention properties.

Condenser packing
Condenser packing for electrical appliances benefits from the low permeability (sealability of electrolyte of chemical condenser) and chemical inertness (no effect to and from electrolyte) associated with butyl rubber. The polyisobutylene polymer chain imparts barrier properties that minimize the transmission of air and water vapor and makes this polymer better than most rubbers at resisting degradation due to heat and in maintaining mechanical properties. Butyl has very good dielectric properties and is an excellent electrical insulator. It can be compounded for both conventional and heat-resistant applications.