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Bumper to bumper, ExxonMobil Chemical’s technology leadership in specialty elastomers is helping the automotive industry worldwide advance the performance and aesthetic capabilities of automotive weathersealing systems.

Cross-section of an automotive glass run channel weatherseal with water drops as background

Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) are high-performance elastomers offering outstanding performance in dynamic or static weatherseals.


Vistalon EPDM rubber meets strict OEM requirements for glass run channel and other dense seal weatherseal applications.


Vistalon is also an optimal choice for sponge weatherseal applications such as primary and secondary door seals.

Cross-section of a primary car door hybrid foam weatherseal with blue background
  • TPV foam bulb
  • coextruded dense foot
  • metal or plastic carrier
  • spray-on coating

Weatherseal Molded Glass Encapulation
  • TPV injection molded onto glass
Weatherseal Outer Belt Line Seal
  • soft TPV lip coextruded with PP
  • slip-coat of coextruded TPV, flock or spray-on coating

Car cowl vent weatherseal with blue background
  • TPV insert molded into cowl
  • extruded and assembled
Weatherseal Glass Run Channel
  • high performance TPV base
  • variety of slip-coat choices
  • corners of injection-molded TPV

Car lower sash weatherseal with blue background
  • slip-coated TPV lip
  • extruded on metal channel
Car window corner weatherseal molding with blue background
  • TPV molded onto EPDM or TPV

Interior of an open car sunroof showing black weatherseal
  • dense or foam TPV sealing bulb
  • coextruded with hard TPV or PP
  • installation – pushed in place or adhered with tape
A cutline car weatherseal with blue background
  • soft TPV sealing lip
  • coextruded mounting channel
  • molded TPV end cap

Weatherseal Roof Line Seal
  • coextruded hard/soft TPV
Weatherseal Roof Line Seal
  • hard/soft TPV extrusion
  • dense/foam TPV coextruded

Cross-section of a car tailgate weatherseal with blue background
  • TPV foam bulb
  • coextruded dense foot with metal or plastic carrier