Vistalon™ EPDM sponge for automotive weatherseals

Cross-section of a primary car door hybrid foam weatherseal with blue background

Vistalon EPDM meets stringent OEM requirements for primary and secondary door seals, trunk and tailgate seals and other automotive sponge weatherseal applications. Vistalon™ 8800 EPDM offers high throughput, excellent elasticity, high processing consistency for the most complex geometries and outstanding aesthetics.

Vistalon 8800 EPDM is a very high molecular weight grade with a low ethylene content and high diene level. Its bimodal molecular weight distribution provides shorter mixing cycles, improved dispersion in ultra-soft compounds and fast extrusion with tight dimensional control.

Vistalon 8800 was designed specifically for automotive sponge and class-A seals with high resilience, low compression set, low-temperature elasticity and smooth surface aspect. It is ideal for extrusion of sponge or complex seal designs with thin lips.