Santoprene™ TPVs for corner molding seals and end caps

Santoprene TPVs for corner molding seals or end caps offer:

  • Excellent adhesion to TPV or EPDM
  • Good aesthetics for a harmonized appearance
  • Faster cycling times vs. EPDM
  • Processing advantages and no trimming for reduced part cost
  • Low coefficient of friction in B230 grades for elimination of spray coating

Suggested materials:

  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxW233; xx = ShA 65, 79
  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-65B200; enhanced adhesion for EPDM and TPV corner molding
  • Santoprene™ TPV 121-xxB230; xx = ShA 70, 80 – low coefficient of friction

Production process:

  • Injection molding

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