adhesives and sealants

PSA tapes  

Used for both hot-melt and solvent-based technologies, Escorez™ tackifying resins increase the initial tack and long-term adhesion of pressure-sensitive tapes. These resins are compatible with styrene butadiene rubbers, butyl rubber, styrenic block copolymers, polybutenes, low-density polyethylene and atactic polypropylene.

In hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive applications, Escorez tackifiers contribute to:

  • Lower raw material use than solvent- and water-based technologies
  • Higher machine output
  • Energy savings
  • Low coating weights

Tape manufacturers use Escorez 1000 and 2000 tackifiers to achieve:

  • Strong hold even on difficult surfaces such as polyethylene
  • Thermal stability even at low temperatures
  • Light color and long-lasting clarity for good appearance
  • Consistent viscosity for increased production on automatic and semi-automatic box-closing machines

Common pressure-sensitive products using Escorez tackifiers include:

  • Packaging tapes
  • Masking and paper tapes
  • Tapes for hygiene applications
  • Double-sided tapes
  • Cloth and duct tapes
  • Heavy-duty and reinforced tapes
  • Electrical tapes

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