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ExxonMobil Chemical
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ExxonMobil Chemical
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Our sustainability commitment

By 2040, the global population is expected to rise by over 34% to almost 9 billion, increasing demand for products that make modern living possible, while putting more pressure on limited and precious resources.

Sustainable development will help meet these future needs responsibly. It’s about trying to protect future generations and providing opportunities for them to flourish. Sustainability principles are deeply embedded in our business and have helped guide the way we operate for decades. They provide economic opportunities, products that people need and want, and improve the communities where we live.

As a leading global supplier of chemicals, we seek to maximize our long-standing contributions to economic growth, environmental protection and social well-being. We do this by striving to:

  • do the right thing, the right way, every time
  • increase energy efficiency, while reducing emissions, water use and waste
  • safely and responsibly deliver products needed for economic and social progress
  • deliver products that help customers across the value chain develop sustainable solutions

This approach is engrained into our day-to-day management systems. For environmental performance, we establish specific objectives in areas such as energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, at business, site and equipment levels. Based on decades of experience, this rigorous “bottom-up” approach has proved to be most effective.

ExxonMobil’s approach to sustainability is a holistic one – a full “corporate citizenship” focus rooted in our wider company programs. Our approach to corporate citizenship is designed around six key focus areas that help ensure we promote society’s broader sustainability objectives and manage the impact of our operation on local economies and societies.

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These six areas are: reducing environmental impacts, managing climate change risks, protecting safety and health, respecting human rights and security concerns, promoting economic development, ensuring industry-leading corporate governance.

Many people, organizations and communities are impacted directly by, and have a direct influence on, our business. Engaging with, and listening to, our stakeholders helps us understand their multiple viewpoints and perspectives. We report the challenges we face and report our performance to our customers, neighbors, shareholders and employees in our annual Corporate Citizenship Report. Regular stakeholder engagement helps us continue to improve our company and remain a responsible corporate citizen.

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