Baton Rouge Safety

Product safety and stewardship

The product safety policy set by Exxon Mobil Corporation reflects our commitment to high operational standards. We apply a rigorous and consistent approach to risk evaluation of new and modified chemical products and their manufacture, use and disposal.

We communicate results characterizing any risks and specify proper management to customers, third parties and the public where appropriate. ExxonMobil also is regularly adapting new technologies to improve product performance. To help ensure the safety of people and the environment we regularly use new, scientific information in manufacturing and marketing our chemical products.


Our Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) communicates expectations, measures progress and helps to ensure results that adhere to our commitment to safety, security, health and the environment.

We actively support this chemical industry initiative that ensures the responsible handling of chemical products, from their development to manufacture to disposal.


The Global Product Strategy (GPS) is an integrated strategy for product stewardship throughout the chemical industry's value chain.

Plant overview

Our policy is to comply with all government laws, rules and regulations applicable to our business and facilities around the world.