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How our products contribute

While everyone has a part to play in how we address climate change, the chemical industry has taken a leading role in developing sustainable solutions for the future. In fact, the most significant sources of innovation to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) aren’t our government or environmental groups. They're the industry itself.

The products of modern chemistry are essential for a more sustainable energy future. A recently published, industry-commissioned and independently validated study concluded that for every unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by the chemical industry over the product's lifecycle, two units of CO2 are saved through the use of these products. The net effect is that the world’s GHG emissions are 8 to 13% lower today than they would be without the use of chemical products.

In terms of direct contribution to sustainability, our chemical products:

  • Help consumers, end users and converters use energy more efficiently
  • Realize the benefits of resource efficiency

Learn how our products support efforts to save energy, optimize resources and make life safer and healthier around the world.

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It takes about 90% less energy to recycle a pound of plastic than to recycle a pound of paper (U.S. EPA).

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ExxonMobil Chemical carefully considers the use of resources in developing and manufacturing plastics and other products.